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Mr. Bob's Mouthwatering Meat Rub

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Perfect for beef, pork, poultry & seafood, Mr. Bob made his famous rub in 1979 so we've been eating good for a while. Now we're excited to share his secret recipe with those who couldn't make it to the family cookout. 

"Created on the tailgate of my pickup truck over 40 years ago and enjoyed from one end of the country to the other ever since."
Bob Hall
President/Founder, Hallway Feeds


We've all been kicked out of the kitchen a time or two and that’s exactly what happened in the early 70’s when “Miss Bonnie” kicked her husband Mr. Bob Hall out of the house and into the driveway. Because she couldn’t stand all the spices he was stirring up in the house he chose the tailgate of his pickup truck as the next best place to mix up his now famous rub. The rub was used all over central Kentucky as “Mr. Bob” and Hallway Feeds cooked for chamber of commerce dinners, Farm Bureau meetings, church picnics and even family gatherings. Word soon spread about the rub and many consider it one of the tastiest meat rubs imaginable. 

While his meat rub doesn't have anything to do with the 13 Kentucky Derby winners his family's feed mill has nurtured over the years, it sure kept friends’ and families’ bellies satisfied. From that tailgate to today it became the go-to meat rub for beef, pork, poultry & seafood, and it has enjoyed a 40+ year run.

Featured on the label is “Mr. Bob” as a young 4-H’er showing a champion steer; just like “Mr. Bob” and “Miss Bonnie” the rub is uncomplicated, often described as some heat and sweet, and sure to bring a little extra life to any meal or party. Now as we celebrate his 90th birthday, we couldn't be more excited to share the story and goodness of “Mr. Bob's” Meat Rub with y'all. 


Mr. Bob's Mouthwatering Meat Rub
Mr. Bob's Mouthwatering Meat Rub Sale price$10.00