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Hallway Feeds Sustainability Efforts

Lowering the Bottom Line & Raising Expectations

Hallway Feeds is committed to sustainability across our business operations. By incorporating responsible practices that reduce our environmental footprint and drive business growth, we’re helping to build a future that benefits our customers, our company and the world.

Solar Power

We have implemented a three-stage initiative incorporating solar systems to power our mill. Harvesting the power of the sun, we’ll generate 635 Megawatts per year (1,735 kwh per day), to supply approximately 75% of the electricity needed to power our manufacturing facility and offices.

Sustainability Forestry Initiative

As a participant in the Sustainability Forestry Initiative, we prioritize a net zero process by planting equal or more trees than are harvested to manufacture paper used bags for Hallway Feeds. We insure our bag suppliers abide by this standard in order to be considered a packaging supplier.

Bag Recycling Program

Customers in our Central Kentucky service area can submit used paper packaging for recycling. Our drivers will pick up empty and folded bags when making their deliveries and place in our recycling containers for bi-weekly pickup. With customer order sizes ranging from a few bags per week to tens of thousands per year, this is a significant contribution to our sustainability initiative.