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Nutrients to Outperform the Competition


E-Clipse® provides performance horses the nutrients they need most to outperform the competition. The energy in E-Clipse is provided by a balance of sources including cereal grains, vegetable oil, and super fibers. Advanced antioxidant technology is available in E-Clipse through the inclusion of organic selenium and natural-source vitamin E.

E-Clipse delivers a balanced blend of highly digestible energy sources designed for horses with high-energy needs. Palatable premium oats and steam-flaked barley supply rapidly available energy from starch while soybean oil provides a rich source of calories and essential fatty acids. The inclusion of beet pulp, a highly digestible super fiber, helps maintain digestive tract health in intensely worked equine athletes.

When fed as directed, this fully fortified textured feed delivers all the nutrients high-performance horses need to complement the forage portion of their diet. Fortified with KER vitamin and mineral technology, E-Clipse delivers optimal levels and sources of nutrients from a proprietary KER micronutrient blend developed from over two decades of research. This includes innovations and high-quality nutrients such as proteinated trace minerals, organic selenium, and natural-source vitamin E for superior bioavailability and enhanced antioxidant protection to support optimal muscle health and function.

Feeding Instructions

E-Clipse is designed to be fed at 5-18 pounds per day depending on the intensity of the work, and size and body condition of the horse. When fed as directed, in combination with 1.0-1.5% of the horse’s body weight in good quality forage, the diet will meet or exceed the horse’s KERrecommended daily nutrient intake. Always provide clean, fresh water, free-choice access to salt, and high quality hay.

  • Racing
  • Polo
Nutritional Analysis
50 ppm
0.5 ppm
140 ppm
vitamin a
5000 IU/lb
vitamin d
500 IU/lb
vitamin e
125 IU/lb
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